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Our Background

Since the 1970s Wilderness boats have been making sturdy, spacious,
and comfortable inland waterways trail-boats for use all across the world.
Often described as the "Volkswagen camper of the inland waterways"
these friendly-looking boats are loved by hundreds of owners and are the envy
of many on both smaller craft and larger craft unable to explore the vast inland waterways of Europe.

New Wilderness boats are now built by Clearwater Boats, We now offer the following services:-

  • Secondhand boat sales

  • Boat deliveries

  • Holiday and relocation transport

  • Outboard motor servicing

  • Trailer servicing

  • Repairs and winter maintenance

  • Technical backup for all aspects of Wilderness trailboating

  • Boat Valeting

  • Propex and Truma blown-air central heating

  • Yamaha and Parsun Outboard Engines

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